Children and Teenagers Cancer

Cancers, more rarely in childhood compare with adults, represent a leading cause of death for children and teenagers. The types of cancer occurring at children differ from adults types regarding the localisation, frequency, histology and treatment.


The more frequent cancer at children (60%) are acute lymphoblastic leukemia and malignant lymphoma. Actually, the modern chemotherapy treatments permit to obtain cures in high percentage. Another category of cancer for child are solid tumors which occur initially in a localized area, and then produce distant metastasis in vital organs causing the death.

The more frequent solid tumours in children are: brain tumours, specific tumours of childhood (nephroblastoma or Wilms tumour, neuroblastoma and retinoblastoma), sarcoma of the bones or with others localisation. In brain tumours, the therapeutic results are modest. In the other mentionated cancers, the modern therapeutic strategies led to unexpected, percentage of cure. Child’s specific tumours in early stages are curable in 80%-90% percentage. It must be stressed that in Romania the treatments are similar with those in Occident . The correct diagnosis represent essential premise of cure.