About us

The activity of the Romanian Cancer League is in the field of medical oncology and operates with the agreement of the Romanian Minister of Health and Family, the Health Policy and Development Directorate.

Our mission is to promote the sanitary education among people, to contribute to early detection and prevention of cancer and to provide psychological, financial, and health care support to the oncologic patients and their families.

The main objectives of Romanian Cancer League are:

  • To reduce the cancer incidence and mortality due to cancer;
  • To increase the rate of cure;
  • To prevent and control the using of tobacco products;
  • To prevent and control the alcohol and drugs abuse;
  • To reduce the psychological and socio-economical impact on patients diagnosed with cancer;
  • To improve the life quality for oncological pacients;
  • To support governmental factors to accomplish national programs of cancer prevention;
  • To take measures of socio-professional reintegration of the oncological patient.

Romanian Cancer League has been created like an alternative in order to support the oncological activity, from a strong desire to contribute to detection, treatment and cure of patients with cancer.

Its goal is humanitary and aim, to develop programs for prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer of every localization. having as an activity programme the using of all means to combate, prevent, diagnosis and to treat the cancer.