Cancer Survivors

The pain is what the patient says that it is. If, the physical pain is easier to understand, the psychological aspects of the patients are more difficult to assess.

The painful experience of knowing the diagnosis is just the begin of a fight. Without a period of accommodation, follows the period of treatment, which is more difficult due to side effects. The end of the treatment is not meaning that the fight is over. It is following another difficult period in which the patients are trying to return to a normal life.

Those who have overridden this experience are those who can and frequently they really want to help. Loneliness is an enemy, not easy to destroy that make their suffering more hard. Those who are lucky have beside their family and friends.

Romanian Cancer League has initiated the forming of a support group that wants to help these individuals. This group includes ex-patients, patients in treatment, oncologists, psychologists, members of patient’s families, priests and other persons who want to help to form a unit team. Through this group shared experience of each member will help those who are living in the middle of the fight to pass over difficult moments. Therefore, they will not be alone and always will be near them.

Our mission is to promote the sanitary education among people, to contribute to early detection and prevention of cancer and to provide psychological, financial, and health care support to the oncologic patients and their famillies.