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Several fraudulent solicitations claiming to be from or associated with the Romanian Cancer League are circulating the internet in various languages. Some of these scams include: (more…)

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  • Bucharest, 13th of November 2002

    • Romanian Cancer League,
    • Oncology Institute Bucharest,
    • Ministry of Health and Family

    21st of December 2002

    Cancer Survivors Day

    Cancer represents a major public health problem from all over the world. Cancer healing is, mainly, a problem that involves early diagnose and correct treatment.

    Ignorance, fear for the diagnose, lack of the health education are some of the factors that contribute to an late diagnose of this disease. It has been demonstrated that through a well managed health promotion program, which to include information – education -communication campaigns for the population as well as individual counseling programs, the risk of death by cancer reduces considerably , especially that one provoked by a behavioral component, like smoking. (more…)

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  • Our mission is to promote the sanitary education among people, to contribute to early detection and prevention of cancer and to provide psychological, financial, and health care support to the oncologic patients and their famillies.