Let’s be together in the fight for life!


It’s time to change something! Because every life is important, we have to change the individual’s mentality, the health policy and our attitude versus the disease and those who are suffering from it.

Save Women!

Breast cancer represents the first death cause of women, with a frequency rate of 56.84/100000 and a rate of mortality of 39.28/100000.

Count on us!

Supportive care of cancer patients program for palliative treatment of oncological patients

Save Your Health!

Based on analysis of more than 4500 research studies, these guidelines present currently available advice on actions to take to lower cancer risk.

Cancer Survivors

Romanian Cancer League has initiated the forming of a support group that wants to help these individuals. This group includes ex-patients, patients in treatment, oncologists, psychologists, members of patient’s families, priests and other persons who want to help to form a unit team.

Smoking and Cancer

Smoking is a risk factor for many types of cancer: larynx cancer, oropharynx cancer, tongue cancer, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer and also cardio-vascular disease and pregnancy complications

Support Children with Cancer

Cancers, more rarely in childhood compare with adults, represent a leading cause of death for children and teenagers. The types of cancer occurring in children differ from adults types regarding the localization, frequency, histology and treatment.

Dear ladies,

Please, keep this letter because it is not know when you’ll have the surprise to be affected or to hear about someone love that was affected by cancer.

Women, cancer is jeopardy, don’t ignore it!

There isn’t other disease more fruitful for women. Imagine that you have been diagnosed with cancer and it is possible to have a mastectomy. Which will be the attitude of your husband, friend, family and your colleagues?

Microscopic exam of the tumor’s sample obtained through biopsy determines it’s malign or benign type. The normal medical procedures implies the removal of the tumor or the cyst through surgery and then the extemporaneous histopathologic examination. You’ll remain under anesthesia on surgical table since the results come from pathologist. The verdict: if the tumoral tissue is benign the operation is finished; if the tumoral tissue is malign the surgical intervention will be materialized through a radical mastectomy. Mastectomy implies the removal of the entire breast together over 85% of maxillary lymphatic nodes. In this case, it is possible to occur the arm’s edema (swollen arm) and it will lost its normal mobility and will not be functionally any longer.

Both physically and psychological will appear a trauma, even for the strongest women, very equilibrated. But this is not enough, you’ll experience the anxiety that dark your mind. Unfortunately, there is no certitude that after total mastectomy, the disease will not spread or metastasize at the distance. At least will remain only the hope. This can be only a dream if the disease isn’t treated properly.
Don’t forget about the uterine cervix cancer.

Only a clinical exam and a pap test can help you to detect the disease at the right moment. Detected in advanced stages, the disease can be harmful. There is no cure treatment in these stages. The only option is a chance of 60% to survive one or three years from the diagnosis. Unfortunately, this is the reality. We make our duty to warn you.

You decide your destiny! Who have ears, so listen!

Cancer is not a joke. It’s completely wrong the idea that it is a disease of the third age, or the idea that it’ll never affect me because I’m too young, pretty, rich, beautiful and I have many relationships. Completely, wrong! Cancer is a disease of the real world. It kills starting with children and finish with old peoples. It don’t take into account anything.

Therefore, we ask you to make a yearly general medical examination. This is the only way to detect the disease at the right time.

Our goal is to aware you. Cancer doesn’t develop in a certain localization of the body, it can affect every part of the organism. In order to support you, Romanian Cancer League has launched the program “Save women”. Through this program we are pursue the information, awareness, medical education of Romanian women about cancer and its threat for life. We want to offer the goods alternatives: COURAGE, HEALTH AND BEAUTY.

We inform you that National Program of prevention and Control in Oncological Pathology is free and it is your right to know about it.

Call us in order to help you!

How You Can Help?

All over the world, cancer represents a major issue for public health. In Romania, it is the second cause of death, after cardiovascular diseases.

The  diagnosis of cancer, unlike in developed countries, is done in the advanced and not in the early stages, and that is why Romania is the first among European countries when it comes to death by cancer.

The frequency of cancer cases has increased in children, and it is expected to do the same in all categories of age.

It’s time to change something!

Because every life is important, we have to change the individual’s mentality, the health policy and our attitude versus the disease and those who are suffering from it.

Let’s be together in the fight for life!